Start a blog fast today (2020 – 23 steps in 5 minutes)

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How did I do it?

Can you also start a blog fast?

Amazing I know, But you haven’t seen anything yet!

Stick around to see how you can do the same, or even better.

Lets jump into the steps !

Click the button below to preview What we are going to make.

Step 1: Get super fast hosting

We are going to build a free blog.

A blog is like a house, We can build it for free but we need to pay for the land.

Siteground is by far the the best hosting platform for your free blog.

The service they provide for the price, I would say its free.

They provide the easiest steps to start a blog for free.

Click the button below to get 70% off on siteground.

Step 2: Choose a Plan

We reccomend you choose the grow big plan.

You will have unlimited number of websites and a bunch of other features we will discuss below.

It is best to start something the right way so that it lasts long.

Step 3: Choose a domain name

Don’t overthink your domain name.

Also make sure your domain name describes what you are blogging about.

The domain name must not be limiting.

This is to be future proof, in case you want to blog about broad topics later.

Step 4: Choose a domain name extension

Domain extensions play a part in seo.

It is best you get a .com

If you cannot find a .com it is also ok to use another you are comfortable with.

Step 5: Choose an email address to use

Choose an email address that you have been using for years.

This will help you a lot because you won’t forget the password.

In case something happens to your account, Siteground will contact you via that email.

This is why it is very important.

Step 6: Fill in basic information

The information you fill in as client information will be used fro your WHO’s records.

Authentic information is a must in case someone tries to steal your domain name.

This information will also be used in case you want to transfer your domain name to another hosting.

With Siteground quality hosting I am sure you will stick around.

Step 10: Put in card details

Siteground accepts 3 major cards.

Visa , Mastercatrd and American express.

As of now I believe they do not accept Paypal.

You can contact the sales team if Paypal is your only option.

Siteground support is the best and they will be happy to assist you.

Step 8: Choose a data center

Your data center matters.

If you want your site speed to be fast in the U.S then you have to choose a U.S data center.

Don’t worry , your site speed will be fast overall.

Unlike other companies, Siteground uses ssd.

This will make sure that your blog is loading in no time.

Step 9: Tickmark both boxes

Be sure to read the terms of service of sitegound and the privacy policy.

I recommend you accept the emails from siteground as they are very helpful to a new blogger.

These emails will keep you up to date with the trends and more.

Step 11: Complete your request

Review you Oder and make sure that everything is what you want it to be.

Click the Pay now button once and wait for it to load.

Step 12: Sign in to Siteground

Use the password and the email you used to signup.

Step 13: Go to the C-panel tools

Click site tools to log into the C-Panel.

This is where you will control individual websites.

Step 14: Install SSL certificate

The SSL certificate will make your site safe for your visitors.

Step 15: Enforce HTTPS

To make sure that our SSL certificate is always working we need to enforce https.

Step 16: Activate free Cloudflare

Cloudflare will help your site load even faster.

It wwill also protect your site from attacks.

Step 17: Install wordpress

Our blog will live on wordpress.

This is the most famous platform and the easiest as well.

Step 18: Install a theme

Astra and oceanwp are the best free themes.

There are other themes but these are the best steps to start a blog.

You want to start with a free theme then upgrade later on.

Step 19: Install elementor

Elementor is the best free page builder.

Step 20: Install the ( Surprise!)

This is a demo website which is completely free to use.

Tell me if these are not the easiest steps to start a blog for free.

Step 21: Fix all recommended settings

The site title is the name of your website.

The tagline is a short description of your website.

Step 22: Install security plugins

This is one of the most important steps to start a blog for free.

Security is king, you don’t want to have headaches if someone tries to hack your blog.

Step 23: Create your first post

You are done!

Just like that you have completed all the steps to start a blog for free.

If you need more steps to start a blog for free in depth please leave a comment below.

Do not forget to use the coupons provided by our blog.

These are affiliate links which help us keep this blog free.

Thank You.


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