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If you have decided to make an affiliate website then you know WordPress is the best way for you to start.

We need to make an affiliate website that converts at high rates without sacrificing the design since as affiliates, we are conversion minded.

We are going to use free tools to create a fast, secure, and feature-packed website that is ready to make us some sales!

To make an affiliate website, all you need is a computer and wifi, no coding skills are necessary! Let us jump into the exact steps!

Step1: Affiliate website name availability


We cannot make an affiliate website without a good name. After all, we are going to need a lot of SEO traffic tom generate revenue. Be sure to search for a name relevant to your niche.

Step 2: Get Hosting

Hosting is a computer that keeps the website live at all times. This is the only necessary investment to make an affiliate website. You simply cannot continue without hosting.

Hosting can either break or make your website. You should, therefore, pick the best hosting the first time. That is why you should go with Siteground! Here are a couple of reasons why Siteground is the best.

Best Support✔️
Fast Loading Website✔️
Website Security✔️
More Advanced Features✔️
30 Day Money Back Guarantee✔️

Let jump into how you can get Siteground, first click the button below.


The plan that you choose depends on your budget. The best plan would be the GrowBig plan but the startup plan would do. The only big difference would be the number of websites you can make.

If you only want to make the affiliate websites, the startup plan is enough and you can renew the plan after making some sales on your affiliate website.

Some of the Growbig plan features such as on demand backups can be replaced by wordpress plugins. The plugins will be less efficient but would cover up for having a plan with less features until you have a enough money to upgrade.

If you can go with the Growbig plan, it would be your best shot make an affiliate website that is optimized for conversions!


You need to fill in with the domain that you chose in step 1. That is if you want to register a new domain name.

After filling in you can just click proceed to move on to the next stage.

If you already have a domain name you would need to point your domain to Siteground. You can only do this after completing the signup process but before installing WordPress. Between steps 3 and 4.

How to point your domain to Siteground: Go to Main Siteground Account > Websites > Manage > Click the 3 dots > Server details > Copy the name servers excluding the extra IP addresses.

Go to your domain register account and paste these details under the dns settings.


The email address you use to sign up is very important.

This is for security reasons. If anyone logs into your account from a different address than the usual one, siteground will quickly notify you via email.

Of course, this is not the only security feature, you will also need to add a phone number later on.

We recommend you use Chrome password suggestion then memorize that password. It would be the most secure password.

Use a Gmail email that you have been using for a long time so that you will not forget the password to the email itself. The bonus point is that Gmail is more secure.

client Information

The client information is crucial when it comes to ownership documents. In order to do business with certain companies, you need to prove that you own the domain.

These companies could be affiliate networks or payment gateways. They are going to need purchase receipts of the domain and Hosting.

Therefore your client information should match with your proof of residence documents and your IDs to stay on the safe side. This is because this information will be printed on your receipts.


Siteground accepts a lot of cards for payments. However, some might want to use Paypal or Payoneer.

We cannot guarantee you that you will be successful if you take that route, but if it is your only option, why not try?

Go to the top of the page and click sales chat to chat with the support team. They will help you with any payment method that you want to use.

In terms of the safety of your payment, it does not get better than this. Siteground websites have an SSL certificate on their websites.

This means the only person who will know your card details is you, nobody else.

The SSL encryption will make sure of that. This would be a small price to pay to make an affiliate website that can potentially make a lot of money.

Data Center

The data center is where your hosting is located. The closer the visitor is to the data center, the faster the website will load.

This is not really a big issue because of the Cloudflare settings we will use in the future steps. However, you should choose a data center that is closer to your potential or intended website users.

We need to make an affiliate website that is fast loading so that we do not lose any visitors. Every loading second counts!

Plan recheck

You can only get that sweet discount if you stick with the annual plan. Changing this would raise your prices and make things a bit more difficult for you.

We recommend you stick with the annual plan that you chose the first time. You might have to pay setup fees if you change it. Siteground offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means you are safe to try ut out for 30 days and then decide to keep it or not. This is a god and a risk-free approach. After all, we are going to make an affiliate website that is going to last us years.


After checking everything you can click pay now to complete the order. We recommend you accept Siteground news for a lot of reasons.

The first reason being you cannot go wrong if you follow their advice. They host a lot of webinars and write blog posts on how you can maximize your site performance and design using Siteground features.

These can be really helpful to make an affiliate website that beats your competitors.

Step 3: Setup Site tools

To make an affiliate website or any website, we have to do some technical things. Do not worry. We made it very simple and we will be with you all the way through this post and our contact page.

First, you have to log into your Siteground account but we assume you already are. Let us describe what the main account is.

The main account is where you can change settings that affect all your websites at the same time. There are however some extra features.

Marketplace: This is where you can purchase addons to your siteground account. Such as a site crawler and other non Siteground products.

Referral Program: You want some free hosting? Worry no more, invite a friend to purchase Siteground hosting and if they do, some extra months will be added to your plan.

Services: You can upgrade your plan on this section later on.

Billing: you can easily download your receipts and change your payment cards under this section. This is what you need to know for now. Let us jump into the fun stuff. Click Site tools to login.

SSL Certificate

No SSL, No conversions. It is as simple as that. An SSL has become one of the most essential components of a website.

Our browsers and the internet made that rule. An SSL certificate means hackers cannot have access to customer’s data on your website.

Without it, the chrome browser will flag your website as dangerous to your visitors. We doubt if anyone will signup for anything in that situation.

However, you have nothing to worry about, Siteground provides free SSL to all its users.

All you have to do is go under security > SSL > then get SSL. You can get any type, it doesn’t matter. After adding your SSL certificate, your website is already secure!

HTTPS Enforce

Now that we have added an SSL certificate, we want to make sure that we make an affiliate website that is secure at all times.

Every link that is going to be added to our website should be passing through https. To do this we need to enforce it. You can only do this step after activating the SSL certificate.

Go under Security > HTTPS Enforce and activate. In terms of customer data security, you are now good!

That wasn’t that hard, was it? Let’s jump to the next step and create a bit more security and a whole lot of speed!


If you were worried we might make a slow affiliate website.

You can now trash those worries because Cloudflare has just made your day. Let us first explain what it is. Cloudflare has a lot of data centers around the world.

This means whoever access your website will have it load from a very close location from them. This means the website will be fast for everyone!

Cloudflare also comes with a firewall to protect your website from malicious traffic.

With all these features you would think you need to rob a bank to afford it but it is completely free and thanks to Siteground, it is built into your account.

To active Cloudflare, go under Speed > Cloudflare and Signup. After signing up you can then activate the free version.

You will get some DNS warnings but all you have to do is wait it out. DNS changes take a bit of time. 24 hours at least.

Domain Email

Everyone wants a good first impression. In the business world, a good first impression is determined by how professional you are.

Using a Gmail email will likely result in you embarrassing yourself in front of big companies. That is why you need a domain email.

For example, this would definitely separate you from the rest of the newbies who have no clue what they are doing.

To create this email for free go under email > accounts and then create.

So before we even make an affiliate website, you now have an email for that website, you can use this email as your WordPress login email.

Step 4: Install WordPress

WordPress is a content management system.

We need it to make an affiliate website design and layouts. Every content related setting that we are going to carry out is going to be inside WordPress.

To install WordPress click the select button under WordPress and then install it in the root path.

That is Automatically it will choose the root as the installation path so you do not need to change anything.

If it says WordPress is already installed but it’s not showing on your dashboard, click the click here blue text at the top of the page.

To log in to WordPress go under Actions and click the arrow.

The Siteground setup wizard will pop up, you can exit the wizard because we intend to build our site on our own.

Step 5: Install a theme

There is no particular theme to make an affiliate website.

This all depends on he type of affiliate website you want to make. To make an affiliate website that converts at high rates, you need a blog website.

Astra is the best free theme for this. Divi is the best paid theme. Follow the screenshot to install Astra.

Do not use the import demo content if you want to make an affiliate website that stands out.

To get a good first impression you need to get a good logo.

Fiverr has the best designers for your logo. You will need a professional to make an affiliate website logo because this will differentiate you from your competitors.

Step 7: Install plugins

We need to install some functionality plugins to make an affiliate website that converts and is easier to operate.Firstly to make an affiliate website we need to design it using Elementor. This is the most important plugin .


Pretty Links – This will allow you to create shorter affiliate links under you own domain.

Rankmath SEO – This plugin will help you optimize your affiliate website for search engines.

Easy Table of Contents – This plugin will break down your content to make it easier to reader for your visitors.

Monster Insights – Traffic is one of your key performance indicators, this will bring the google analytics data inside the WordPress dashboard.

Site Speed

Autoptimize – This will minify the code on your theme to make it faster to read by browsers.

W3 Total Cache – A cached version of your website will be kept ready to load.

Async Javascript – Defer render blocking resources to make your website faster.

Asset Cleanup – Remove any unused code that is causing your website to slow down.


Wordfence – Get reports of your site perfomance interms of security

Akismet – Block spam comments from malicious traffic.

Step 8: Create Pages

All these pages are necessary to make an affiliate website that is acceptable to most networks.

Home Page – This is your front page and you should design it with Elementor.

Blog Page – This page is automatically added by your theme but we recommend you design your own.

Privacy Policy – Simple text will do, be sure to write an authentic one.

Terms and Conditions – Same design with the privacy policy page but different policy.

Affiliate Disclaimer Page – Be transparent to your visitors that you are an affiliate.

Recommendations Page – Put in all the products you promote so that people can easily find them.

About Us Page – Tell your visitors who you are and what you do. Most importantly why they should buy through your links.

Step 9: Join Networks

You need to make an affiliate website that is acceptable to these networks before you apply. If you used this guide to make an affiliate website then you will not have any problems. Read this article on the best affiliate networks depending on your niche

Step 10: Start Marketing

You can start marketing your website on social networks. You can make an affiliate website but nobody will know about it unless you d marketing. You can do this through various methods but we are going to cover the most popular ones.

SEO – Create content that is optimized for search engines. Recommended way!

Paid Ads – Pay for Google and Facebook ads to generate traffic to your website.

Influencer Campaigns – Pay the most followed people on Instagram to talk about your website with their followers.

Email Marketing – Send emails to people who might be interested in your content.

Did you just make an affiliate website?

Make an Affiliate Website

Congratulations if you were able to make an affiliate website with this guide. A lot will procrastinate but you were able to do it. Comment down in the section below which niche you are interested in.


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