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Do you have a hobby or skill? You can make money through that! You can offer it as a service to thousands if not millions of people and start making some serious bank.

This all needs hard work, and the first step you have to take is to make a service website. If you do not have a website for your skill, then you are living a lot of money on the table!

From simple dog walking service to online marketing service, you can easily make a service website with free WordPress!

This is exactly what we are gong to teach you in this post, so let’s jump into it!

Step 1: Search for website name availability


Do not stress yourself too much on the domain name. It is the quality you deliver inder the domian name that actually matters. Samsung means 3 stars and the it was first a noodles company before moving to electronics.

However, a brandable domain that is relevant to the website vision is advised. Bob’s Services might not be a good idea for a domain name to make a service website.

Step 2: Get domain and hosting

Now that you found the domain you want to use to make the service website, we should go get it. You can buy a domain name from many places but the best is definitely Siteground.

You will be getting this domain and hosting at the same time. Hosting is where your website files will be kept live at all times. This means anyone who visits your website from anywhere at any time can view your site.

The reasons below are why Siteground is the best hosting and no other company can match them.

Best Support✔️
Fast Loading Website✔️
Website Security✔️
More Advanced Features✔️
30 Day Money Back Guarantee✔️

Step 3: Pick a plan

If you are going to make a service website then you will need a startup plan. We recommend to use the extra budget left for marketing.

For beginners who are just learning how to make a service website, the startup plan will be enough then you can upgrade after genarating some revenue.

But if you want to make more websites at the same time then you will need the Growbig plan. However, Wewe advise you to start with one website and master it. After that you can move to a growbig plan.

Step 4: Register domain

This is a very simple step, all you have to do is to put in the domain name you have chosen in step 1. Be sure to double check any spelling erros. This will be irreversable after purchase.

If you have already bought a domain somewhere there is no need to worry. All you have to do is point your domain to Siteground. Read this article for more information on that. You need to make the service website first!

Step 5: Fill in login data

The internet can be cruel at times. To make a secure service website, you need a really good password and an email you have been using for a long time.

If there is any suspicious login into your account, Siteground will contact you on that email immediately. So make sure it is a very secure one, Gmail preferably.

Step 6: Put in your authentic information

Domain ownership details are very inporttant. So do it right the first time! The information you put under client information is very important if you want to keep that domain.

Put in true details about yourself and make sure the address is your permanent residence address. This will make a very big difference if anyone ever tries to steal your domain name.

Step 7: Put in payment details

Siteground accepts a range of cards. However, if you want to use paypal then you will need to contact support.

If your card is rejected for any reason, do not keep trying to force it to work. You should just contact support via LiveChat and they will be quick to help you.

This card will be kept under secure conditions in your account. Whenever you feel like purchasing another product you wont have to go through the fuss of putting in all the details from scratch.

Step 8: Choose your data center

If you are planning to make a service website for a service that requires your physical presence at a certain location then the data center is crucial!

This is the country from which your website will be loaded. The closer your visitors are from the data center, the faster the website will be loaded.

If you have potential customers around the globe, do not worry, we will fix that in the following steps. Thre is a way you can make a service website that loads fast for everyone, Thanks to Siteground and Cloudflare.

Step 9: Double-check your details ( Plan )

We want you to get the full benefits of Siteground. The 12-month plan is the best deal.

If you want to make a service website that will also use search engine optimization, 12 months will do the trick!

If you change the period, the discount will be removed and you might aklso have tto pay setup fees.

Step 10: Accept the policies

You are almost there, the final part is to complete the transaction. We recommend you accept sitegroung news and special offers as well.

You will learn a lot from the emails they are going to send you. They will also be hosting free webinars that will help you make a service website that also converts better.

We will be helping as well so do not forget to subscribe.

Step 11: Log in to the Site tools area

After loggin into your siteground account, You have to step a further in oder to access the right settings to make a service website.

A brief Description of the main Siteground Account : This is where you can manage the account payment cards, data center, referal program and the marketplace.

Account Payments – Some payment gateways will require you to submit a reciept of youyr domain purchase and hosting account. You will get all these details and recipts under payments in the main account.

Marketplace – In case you want to buy more siteground features, you can do so at the marketplace.

Referral program – You can get extra hosting by reffering a friend to siteground. If that friend makes a purchase then you will get extra hosting.

Click the site tools button below your website to move to the next step.

Step 12: Activate the SSL

If you intend to accept payments on your website then you will need an SSL certificate.

It is crucial to make a service website that is secure, otherwise, nobody is going to make any sort of purchase.

This is because most browsers now red flag a website without an SSL certificate.

Do not get confused by which type you should choose. Any type will do.

The ssl crertificate will encrypt data on your website, this means hackers will never have acces to your customers credit card data.

Step 13: Enable https enforce

We want to make sure that the SSL certificate is working at all times. Https enforce will make sure that you make a service website that is secure at all times. Any link added will be put through https.

To activate this feature,you need to have an ssl certificate already installed.

Step 14: get free Cloudflare in Siteground

This is very important. Cloudflare’s job is security and site speed optimization. You can get more featureas by logging into your cloudflare account. From what we have seen and noticed, the inbuilt cloudflare is enough for most if not all websites.

Here is how cloudflare works:

Site Speed – Cloudflare keps your website data files at different daat centers around the world. This means your website will be loaded from a location closest from the visitor. The premium account will allow you to optimize your images and keep them on a fast server in webp fomart.

Security – Cloudflare will block malicious traffic to acces your website. It does this through a firewall.

Step 15: register a free domain email

Do not use a gamil email to contact your customers, It is very unprofessional. This is why you need a domain email. For example .

Why make a service website if you are not going to be using all the features. This will be a great addon to your website coupled with concertkit.

You can acces this email using the default roundcube app or through any other email provider like outlook.

We strongly suggest you make a service website that looks professional then use this domain email to apply to payment gateways such as Stripe.

Step 16: install and log into WordPress

Let us get into the real deal. WordPress is a content management system. In order to make a service website, we need to be able to change the design and content on the website. This is exactly what WordPress does.

Let us cover any errors:

WordPress is not installed – If WordPress is not installed, simply click select under WordPress and follow the instructions. Do not change the installation root folder.

WordPress is not showing up but says already installed – In this case all you have to do is click the Click Here link at the top half of the page.

to login to your account go under actions and click the square boadered arrow.

Exit the wizard that pops up soon after.

Step 17: Get yourself a theme

You need to install a theme in oder to change the design of your website, Do not worry, It is 100% free.

You can use any theme to make a service website but the most used one is Astra.

To install Astra go under appearance > Themes. Search for Astra and install

This is a multi purpose theme and can also be used for blogging, ecommerce or even membership websites.

You do not need to hirer an expensive designer to make a service website logo. You can easily get a professional looking one for $5.

We understand if you are more of a DIY ( Do it yourself) kind of person and you want to make a service website logo by youself, that is why we recommend this best online logo maker for you.

To upload your logo, go to appearance > customization then header. From that point you cam easily upload your logo.

Read this post if you want to know how to make or oder the best logo.

Step 19: install the demo websites plugin

We do not want you to start from scratch. The free theme provided has a lot of demo websites that you can easily install. But First you have to install and activate the plugin. To do this, go to astra options and ckick install importer plugin. Click elementor on the import option.

Step 20: Install the demo website

Make a service website

The next step is to install a demo website similar to the one that you originally had in mind. It doesn’t have to be 100% the same but make sure you get very close.

The next step is to replace all the images and text on that site pages. Go to pages then click edit edit elementor to do so.

Replace all the demo data including menu and categories with your very own ideas. You can find most of the settings under the appearance tab.

The most important part is to make sure the policy pages are available, accurate and up-to-date.

You can use a free online policy generator to get the policies made.

Step 21: Add payment gateways

If you want your customers to pay you straight on the website, then you will need a payment gateway. Stripe is the best option to make a service website with.

Make sure to use the domain email we used to apply, it will boost your chances of being accepted.

Step 22: Setup pricing tables

Install a plugin called WP table manager to make the tables. Setup the pricing tables and add a menu link to the page, preferably at the top right button. You can do this under appearance, menu.

Did you just make a service website?

Congratulations! You are done with a the steps to make a service website. However, business us always better in groups and with support from knowledgeable mentors.

Find a friend and share this post with them so that you can help each other to do busier. If you faced any problem please comment down below and we will assist you.


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