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by | Last updated Jan 11, 2021

Congratulations on deciding to make an ecommerce website. The most important thing is to make an ecommerce website that converts in terms of revenue and email collection.

All you need to make an ecommerce website is a computer and wifi. The initial stages can also be done on mobile if you wish. We are going to be using free wordpress, it is very easy and anyone with half a brain can do it.

The design of the website should support the strategy. The strategy we are going to be using is acquiring visitors through content marketing and Facebook advertisements.

Therefore we are going to design unique blog pages for content marketing and unique Product pages for Facebook advertisements. You can replace Facebook ads with google ads if you wish.

make an eCommerce website

To support this strategy we are going to have to use the best hosting, the best theme, and the best plugins. This can either make or break your website. You should always start with the best products.

This is because we want a fast loading and secure website. We are going to be collecting customer data, therefore security is crucial! If your website loads slow, Facebook will punish you through higher CPM.

You don’t have to worry about all of this because Siteground is the best on the market! Any other product we are going to be using is completely free as well. Let us jump into the actual process of making an ecommerce website.

We are going to teach you how to make an eCommerce website like the one below.

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Step 1: Check Domain name

This is the name you will use to make an eCommerce website. The name of your websie. Do not overthink it because any name will do. The most important thing is making sure it is relevant to the products that you sell. We however have some recommendations to make a good name.
Easy to pronouncepaypal
Easy to remembergoogle
Deep meaningamazon

If you are on a tight budget, you can sign up for Bluehost and get a free domain name. We however recommend that if you have enough budget you just buy one at Siteground with hosting. It is the best if you want to make an eCommerce website.

Step 2: Get Siteground or Bluehost Hosting

These 2 hosting companies are the best in the game. Siteground is however from our own perspective better than bluehost in terms of features and the support you get.

Bluehost on the other hand is unbeatable when it comes to value for the price. The free domain is just extra icing on the cake compared to the other features you get for the price.

Bluiehost is ony better if you want to buy a 3 year deal.

In this post, we are going to be using Siteground because it is just better. We will cover step by step how you can install Siteground.

You can always choose between the 2 depending on your budget. Be sure to check the comparison between the 2 best hosting to make an eCommerce website.

step 3: Choose Plan to make an ecommerce website?

You are just starting out. This means you need to allocate the bigger portion of your budget to marketing. Therefore the startup plan is the best to make an ecommerce website! You won’t need more than that for the first year.

Here are some of the reasons the startup plan is good if you are just starting ecommerce.

A lot of visitors – The startup plan supports 10 000 visits monthly, this a lot for ecommerce! Considering the conversion rates, You would have made a lot of money to upgrade by the time you hit 10 000 monthly visitors.

Free SSL – Ecommerce websites keep a lot of customer data, therefore security is crucial! An SSL certificate ensures that!

Free email – You can use your website email eg. for email marketing.

Free CDN – This will load your website faster for any customer around the world.

We recommend you choose the Startup plan to make an eCommerce website.

Step 4: Put in Domain

Simply put in the name of the website that you have chosen in the main step 1. Be sure to register it as a new domain. If you already had a domain you can easily sign up under already have a domain.

You can change the name servers after completing domain and hosting registration. You can read this article after completing the process

Step 5: Put in Login details

Put in an email address that you have been using for a long time, preferably a Gmail one. Don’t worry, your customers won’t see it.

In the case of any security threats, Siteground will be quick to contact you through this email and only this email. It is crucial!

Step 6: Put in your client information

Your website ownership details are crucial when it comes to security. You should therefore never fake any address or details.

If anything happens, you might have to provide documents to verify client details. If you put in the correct details then you will never anything to worry about. Individuals have no need to fill in the company details.

Step 7: Put in Card Details

Siteground accepts a lot of cards. However there is no paypal option. If paypal is your only option then you shouldn’t worry.

Contact support and they will help you figure out a way to pay for your account through secure private links.

Step 8: Choose your Data Center

Most likely your customers will be from different locations around the world. For paid advertisement you will need to focus on one country first.

It is therefore crucial that your data center is close to the area you intend to run your paid ads. The closer the data center to a specific location the faster it will load.

If you want to make an eCommerce website that converts, you will need the fastest loading times because every second counts!

Step 9: Double Check Plan Duration

The discount will only work on the annual plan. This is the best plan that you can get for hosting to make an ecommerce website.

The discount was made specifically for people who want to start a business on a budget. Changing the plan will result in an increase in the monthly fee.

Step 10: Accept terms and click pay now

You need to accept tghe terms and conditions in oder to be able to pay.

We recommend you to accept Siteground news as it can be very helpful in case they make any updates. The news will help you maximize the use of all the features they have to offer.

The Siteground news also offers webinars on how you can make an eCommerce website that is just better using Siteground tools.

Step 11: Log into site tools

Go under the website you just registered and click site tools.

We want to log into the area that will give you control over your website.

We will have to tweak certain things to make an eCommerce website that will convert.

Features in the main account to make an eCommerce website that is just better: Site crawler – this is a security addon. It will scan your website for malware. Important to make an ecommerce website that is secure.

Step 12: Install SSL Certificate

We want the website to be secure for all visitors around the globe. This is why we need an SSL certificate , this encrypts data on your website.

Google chrome browser now warns visitors if they are on a website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Nobody will ever buy anything from our website unless you have an SSL certificate. That is a fact!

With Siteground it is completely free to install and you can even choose between different types. Any certificate you choose will do the job.

Step 13: Enforce HTTPS

Now we want to make sure that our ssl certificate is working at all times. That is why we need to enforce https. This will make sure that every link on our website is https, showing that it is using the ssl certificate.

We might need an extra plugin in the future to be certain that the ssl is working fine. For now this is enough.

This is crucial if you want to make an eCommerce website that is secure at all times.

Step 14: Activate Cloudflare

Activating Cloudflare is a no brainer. If you want a fast loading eCommerce website, then Cloudflare is for you. It will store your website details on different data centers.

Your website will load from a closer location from your visitor. It’s coming for free under siteground!

Step 15: Create an email account

Let us think ahead. You are going to be doing some email marketing in the future. It is crucial you do not use a gmail address for this.

That is why you need to create a domain email address. Something like This will definitely boost your website conversion rates.

Step 16: Install / Log into WordPress

It is now time to get into the steps to make an eCommerce website. We will be using WordPress as a content management system. If not already installed you just have to click select under WordPress.

If it says already installed but it is not appearing click click here in blue under install and manage.

To log in to WordPress go under actions and click the arrow icon. Exit the wizard that pops up because we will be designing our own site.

Step 17: Install a free theme

We consider this to be the best free theme for WordPress to make an eCommerce theme. However, a free theme is very limited.

Installing a demo website is the best way around this. You can get the premium theme here if you wish. It would be totally worth it.

Step 18: Get A Logo for $5

Forget getting an expensive Logo, Fiver is here for you. The expensive designers you pay to make a logo will just go to fiver and pay someone $5 to make the Logo.

The fiver seller is most likely going to use an advanced logo maker. A good logo is crucial to to make an eCommerce website.

Step 19: Install the importer plugin

You do not have to start from scratch. The importer plugin will solve this problem. Astra has a lot of templates and to install them you need to first install the importer plugin.

We need this to make an eCommerce website from already existing templates.

Step 20: Install the demo eCommerce website

The next step is to choose a website similar to what you originally had in mind. After installing the demo website, you have to change the following parts of the website:

Logo – Replace the logo with the one you ordered from Fiverr. Under appearance go to customize and you will find different settings to replace the logo. You should upload a logo in png format, this allows it to have a transparent background. If it doesn’t, go to this website to make it transparent.

Images – Replace the images with the images that fit your brand. Put in smaller size images but do not sacrifice quality. You can install the Smush plugin to make your images even better.

Policies – Update the policies under pages to match your brand’s rules. You can easily use a free terms and conditions generator. This will do the job if you put in the correct details.

Products – You can upload your own products to the website. Be sure to change the categories first and delete the already existing products. If your product has variants you should add variant swatches.

Blog Posts – Add blog posts to your website for content marketing. To get better SEO you should add the rankmath plugin. Follow the instructions on the plugin on how you can write better blog posts that attract traffic.

Menu – Change the menu items on your website. Do not add too many things as this would make your site look bad on smaller screen laptops. Check how your websites looks on different screens.

General Settings – You need to change your site tag and Site title. Your site tag is a short description of your website. What it provides to the visitor. The site title is simply the name of your website.

Forms – You need to install forms to collect emails. We recommend you use free mailchimp to collect these emails. Once you have a bigger budget, Klaviyo would be the best email marketing software for eCommerce websites.

Cartflows Checkout – Cartflows allows you to edit your checkout page. we advise you to use one of the templates that it comes with. Do not add spammy images as this will scare off the customer.

Abandoned Checkout – Not every customer buys the first time. Abandoned checkout will sen emails to those customers who did not complete the purchase. Be sure to change the email used to send it to a professional one. The one we made in the earlier steps.

Analytics: You need to make an eCommerce website with KPIs in mind. Install a plugin called Monster Insights to connect you google analytics to your website. This will show you the top-performing products and pages and the real-time number of people accessing your website.

Anti-Spam: Spam comments are annoying, it would be a shame to make an eCommerce website that gets a lot of them. That is why we recommend Akismet. This is why we recommend never to make an e-commerce website without Akismet.

Step 21: Setup Woocommerce Settings

General Settings – Fill in the general settings with authentic information as this will be used for your taxes. Select the currency you want to use on your website.

Payments – To accept payments you will need a payment gateway. We recommend stripe if the country you live in qualifies. I not, no need to worry, you can use 2checkout or PayPal.

Products – Do not change any settings on this page.

Shipping – You need to change the shipping prices to match yours. You can change the shipping prices according to the weight of the product and the shipping destination.

Accounts and Privacy – You need to enable visitors to create accounts. The next time they want to purchase a product they will not need to re-input their shipping details.

Emails – Make sure the abandoned emails are disabled from WordPress. This is because your are going t be using abandoned checkout plugin for this.

Integration – You need to install Facebook pixels in order to use Facebook ads. You can do this through a plugin. Learn more on Facebook.

Step 22: Share this post to build a community

Now that you know how to make an eCommerce website, you might think that you are miles ahead. The truth is you still have a lot to do. Learning how to make an eCommerce website is just one step of the process.

You are going to need a group of people who are also into ecommerce. They also need to learnhow to make an eCommerce website. Share this post and they will be eternally grateful to you.

You will then start learning and helping each other when things get tough.


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