How to make a website ( 2020 – 6 easy steps)

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Lucky you! A lot of people have no single clue on how to make a website. But you are going to learn how to make a website with nothing but a computer and internet. Literally! You do not need to code or hire some expensive developer to make a website. We are going to make a mind-blowing website with free WordPress.

Here are the main steps we are going to take.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Site Tools

Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 1: Choose a name for your website


The name you use to make a website is called the domain name. Like, the domain is google then .com is the extension. You should choose a domain name that is easy to remember for your audience.

Paypal and Google are good examples. Search on the above tool if the website you want is available. If not, no worries, just choose a different domain extension such as .net for the same domain name.

You could also just change the spelling to something unique like what did. If you want to make a website that is not easily forgotten, below are the few tips.

Pick one example, do not try to match all. To make a website that is unique, you need a domain that matches one of the following:

Easy to pronouncepaypal
Easy to remembergoogle
Deep meaningamazon

Ps: It’s not a good idea to spend hours thinking about the perfect domain name. Perfect does not exist!

Step 2: Get Super fast hosting

What is hosting? – Hosting is a computer that keeps your website live at all times so that anyone who wants to view your site can do so easily, safely, and quickly!

Now that you know what is hosting you must be sure that It cost some money to maintain those computers. Hosting is an investment you might regret if done wrong.

Even if you get a refund after purchasing it, you would still have to go through all the headaches of moving your website to a new hosting company.

So here is an idea, get the best hosting the first time! You will hear about a lot of hosting companies but we will only recommend a hosting company if it has the following qualities:

Best Support✔️
Fast Loading Website✔️
Website Security✔️
More Advanced Features✔️
30 Day Money Back Guarantee✔️

You must now be wondering if a company like that even exists. We doubted too until we tried Siteground. We have no doubt that they are the best.

We are not even sure which is their best quality, the superb hosting, or the superb 24/77 support. I guess you will have to be the judge of that.

Click the button below and get yourself some top-notch Hosting.


make a website

Which plan you should choose to make a website is entirely up to you and your wallet ofcourse. As long as it is under siteground, it is a good plan.

However, we will not leave you with doubt and confusion. Here are some pointers on which plan you should choose. First, let us remove the Gogeek plan out of the equation.

That is for people with a lot of websites and tens of thousands of visitors. The startup plan and the Growbig plan are both very good.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to focus on their idea then you probably need one website. The Startup plan would be the best for you.

If you want to be a freelancer and make websites for your customers later, GrowBig is a no brainer. We recommend you pick the startup plan if you are just an ordinary user, It will be more than enough for your first year.

Domain Registry

Remember that name you picked to make a website in step 1? Now you need to just type it in and click proceed. If you already had a domain name, no worries!

We got you covered but for now, just put in the domain under I already have a domain. After you finish the registration process and before you make a website, you can point your domain to Siteground.

Every single detail you need about this is in this post > Point your Domain to Siteground Article.


It doesn’t look like it but this is a very crucial part . This could put you in a lot of trouble if done wrong.

To make a website that will not be easily compromised. We suggest you use a Gmail email that you have been using for a long time and use the password suggestion by chrome.

The reason why we emphasize on this is because if someone hacks your account using your email and password before you register your phone number, You are in fo some big trouble.

This rarely/never happens, but we wouldn’t want it to start with you.

Client Information

Fill in this part with authentic information and an address that is your actual permanent residence. The information you use is going to be put in on your receipts.

Those receipts might be requested when you apply to partner up with certain companies. If the receipts do not match with your proof of residence documents such as light bill you might end up with some unnecessary headaches.

These partner companies include affiliate networks and payment gateways. They are going to be crucial in order to generate revenue on your website, therefore please put the correct client information.

Payment information

Siteground accepts a lot of cards. If your card is not on the list or you wish to use paypal, no worries. If you really want to make a website but you only have PayPal as an option then you can just contact support.

Siteground support is the best in the game and they can handle anything you throw at them. Make sure you put in card details on a secure connection, try to avoid public wifi such as in restaurants or coffee shops.

Data Center

Remember that computer that keeps your website live? It has to be kept at a certain location. And you can choose which location you want.

These locations are called data centers. As of August 2020, Siteground has 4 data centers. The closer the website visitor is to the data center, the faster the website will load.

In order to make a website that is fast loading, you must use the data center closest to your potential website users.

If you do not choose the correct data center on signing up, you will have to pay a fee to get another data center location. This is very important if you want to make a website that loads fast.

Plan Recheck

We aare aiming for that sweet discount! If you change the plan to a lesser period than 1 year, You will need topay even more than necessary. Siteground is a very good hosting company and the chances of you bring dissatisfied are very low. We recommend you keep the 1 year plan.


Click the pay now button to get it done and log into your account at the same time. After completing this step, we will make a website that will stand out from the rest in terms of design, security, and speed.

We recommend you to accept the Siteground news and special offers. Here is why:

Webinars – You will receive valuable information on how you can use siteground features to maximize your website funtionality.

Offers – Everybody wants a good discount, we might beat you to it if you do not subscribe to Siteground news.

Step 3: Setup site tools

Congratulations! Now that you have made it, let us start to make a website that you will never forget. What you see after signing up is your main Siteground account.

This account is used for many things but most of them affect al the websites. You cannot make settings for a single website in this account. You can do that in the Site tools when we make a website together.

The Siteground main account features:

Services – You can upgrade your hosting under services. You should do it after your plan expires though you could do it before.

Marketplace – Get all the extra features siteground has to offer. This includes Site crawlers. This is a software that scans your website regulary to make sure it is secure.

Billing – View and downloads all your reciepts. You can use those recipts with other douments to proove that you own the website.

Referal Program – Make a website with your friends, Invite them through a special link and get extra hosting.

SSl Install

Security! Without enough, not even a single visitor will return to your website. We mean it! And why is this so?

Chrome is now flagging all the websites without SSL certificates as insecure. Sometimes it will even refuse the user to access the website.

An SSl is that important. It comes free with siteground. It encrypts your website, this means customer data will not be stollen. It makes sure that all the links on your website go through https.

Any ssl that you get is good. Do not worry about the type.

Https Enforce

Now that we have an ssl certificate installed. We are going to need to force our website to always use it at all times. This means any link on our website will pass through https.

This leaves no chance for insecurity. This only works if you have an ssl certificate.


Let us make a website that loads fast in all countries! How can you make a website like that? Let us explain. Cloudflare did all the work here.

Remember what we talked about data centres? Well, Cloudflare has a lot of those, on every continent! That must make it really expensive right? Nope, It’s completely free.

To make a website with Cloudflare, all you have to do is activate it inside your account under tools. As if that is that is not already too much value for free, there is more.

Cloudflare protects your website from hackers and other sources of malicious traffic and code. It sets a very strong firewall verifying everyone who visits your website to not be a threat.

Domain email account

You are going to need to contact some partners later on. These could be affiliate partners, payment gateways and more. If you do this with a gmail email, you are going to blow your first impression and look really unprofessional as if you have no clue on what you are doing.

Save yourself the embarrassment and use a professional domain email. It is completely free afterall. You can install one in Siteground site tools under email.

You can use Roundcube to access this email. This is the default app used by siteground.

Step 4: Install WordPress

WordPress is a content management systeme, We are going to use wordPress to make a website, from the content to the design. WordPress is completely free to use.

Log into WordPress

To log in to your wordpress dashboard click the square bordered arrow actions under the Actions heading. Exit the Siteground setup wizard because we are going to design the website on our own.

Possible error 1

The first error that could happen is that your wordpress is not installed. If this happens you have to install it manually. No worries, it is very easy. Just click select under wordpress to install.

Possible error 2

if you are experiencing another error after error 1. The error is usually: wordpress is already installed, but you cannot see it. Move to the top of the page and click the blue Click here text and the siteground systeme will handle everything from there.

Step 5: Install a theme and Content

We cannot make a website without a theme. The default one is not that good and we recommend you install Astra. Astra is going to be used to design the website layout.

This is the free version of Astra and it has some limitations. You can get the pro one on a discount here.

The free version is better used with starter templates. This is the easiest way to make a website. By doing this you can get custom headers and features you would not find in the Astra free version.

Demo importer plugin

Go under Appearance > Astra options > Install importer plugin. This plugin will help us by giving us a lot of demo websites to choose from.

Import content

Now you can make a website without starting from scratch. Go to starter templates and look for a website that is closest to your desired website.

In this example we used an eCommerce demo website by the name Brandstore. You can choose your niche from these websites. It is best you preview the website before installing.

The first thing anyone sees on your website is your logo. This means your logo has the power to make a good or bad first impression. Yes you could just put some text as a logo but who is going to remember that?

You need to make an impact and this is why we recommend you get a logo for $5. This is super cheap but packed with value. If you want to make the logo yourself, you could just use an online logo maker.

Step 6: Final Touches to make a website

You are done! You now know how to make a website that is beautiful, fast and secure. There is still more you can do.

Security – Install a plugin called Wordfence to increase the security of your website.

Speed – Install a caching plugin such as W3 Total cache to make your website load faster.

Analytics – Install a plugin called Monster insights so that you can view your google analytics with wordpress.

Anti Spam Prevent people from typing spam comments on your website, Install a free plugin called akismet.

Extra pages – You are not done yet without your legal pages. Use online generators to make your policy pages content.

If you enjoyed or found this post helpful please share with someone who is also interested in making a website. It is always better to do things as a community. comment down below if you faced any problems.


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