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What exactly is the best WordPress website? What makes the best WordPress website is all the best features from the best providers.

This means that we are not going with any budget options, just the best. Shear power and supreme features! If you want to make a budget website, then read this post.

For everyone else, after reading this post, you will know how to make the best WordPress website ever!

But what is the best WordPress website? The one with the highest conversion rate!

Websites are mostly for business, we are are going to prioritize potential conversion rates over fancy design.

This means every feature we will add is not just to make the site look pretty but to also make way more money, visitors, and subscribers.

After all, the conversion rate is the only key performance indicator that matters. Ok, Let us make the best WordPress website!

Hosting: Siteground

best WordPress website

Hosting is the backbone of the website! You can have all the fancy features, but with bad hosting, it will just make your website slow.

The best WordPress website cannot be slow! That is why Siteground should be your highest priority on this list.

There a lot of hosting companies but many will fail to balance the features, speed security, site speed, and support. Fortunately, Siteground is amongst the best at all of these.

That is what makes it the best! Let’s discuss how good it is.

Security: Siteground notifies you every time someone logs into your website from a different location than usual. The servers are optimized for security and the automatic backups keep you protected from anything.

Support: The best! You will hear the same thing anywhere. The support has divisions and each division is just waiting to solve one specific problem. It doesn’t get better than that. The support is available through LiveChat, email, and phone calls.

Site speed: The account comes with a built-in Cloudflare that keeps your website ready to load from any location. You will have multiple caching options and a free Siteground optimizer plugin that is built for pure speed!

Get Siteground today.

Theme: Divi

If you do not know about Divi then you have probably never made anything close to the best WordPress website.

No worries, let us explain what you have been missing out so you can catch up. Firstly this is not just a theme, literally, it is also a page builder at the same time.

The best one too. How did they do it? No idea! But The product is amazing. Divi was built for designers who want nothing but the best.

It comes with 2 free plugins if you purchase it on the deal below. So why is Divi the best?

Theme: Fast loading theme with inbuilt minify settings, color palette, responsive images, smooth scrolling, responsive shortcodes and more.

Builder: The builder allows you to make a custom blog and product pages from scratch or with already built beautiful templates. It comes with multiple modules like a call to action module.

Monarch: Duplicate your visitors with Monarch. This is a Divi social share plugin, it comes with a lot of the social networks. Your visitor is only one click away from inviting someone else

Bloom: Another Divi plugin. You can easily put in optin forms on your website. This plugin will help you convert visitors to subscribers then to customers.

Logo: Fiverr

Is it even important to have a good logo? Cant you just use some font, type and put it in? Not a good idea! You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Your logo determines your first impression to your visitor. The best thing is that you don’t have to rob a bank to get the best wordpress website logo.

That is moore for less, so why not do it? We decided to use Fiverr over other platforms because of the diversity on Fiverr.

If you pay thousands of dollars and hire some expensive “Educated professional designer”, they are just going to go and get one on Fiverr and send it to you.

This is because they know Fiverr is the best when it comes to this. This is why Fiverr is the best to make the best WordPress website logo.

Proof of Professionalism: The ratings, reviews, and previous projects play a big part in Fiverr. All you have to do is find a high rated seller with very good reviews and a lot of previous projects. Do not go for the newbies!

Speed: Wp-Rocket

Even the perfect hosting is not enough to hit that record the best WordPress website loading speed. You need a little extra to hit that.

Fortunately, Wp Rocket is more than that. With Wp Rocket, you save yourself a lot of plugin conflicts because it is that all in one plugin.

You need a website that loads in less than 3 seconds, because according to research, after 3 seconds, you are going to lose a lot of visitors. Here is how WpRocket can help

Lazy Load: Your images do not have to appear until the user requests them. WpRocket makes sure of this, with lazy load you can cut the load time by lazy loading images. The images will load fat when the section appears on the screen.

Compression: Your website size is sometimes huge at times. It doesn’t have to be loaded this way. With WpRocket, A compressed version will be loaded then unpacked after loading. This will make your website easier to load since it is smaller.

Minify: The spaces between code can take a lot of time for browsers to read. You can remove these spaces with WpRocket and your website will not only load super fast but with everything functioning well.

Security: Sucuri

The best WordPress website definitely deserves the best security. Sometimes secure hosting servers and backups are not enough.

Malware can be a serious issue and learning how to remove it yourself can be a very stressful process. It is not worth your time as a business person.

With Sucuri, you are getting all of these security features that you didn’t know even existed. But guess what, the hackers know about them!

But you do not have to know more than them, no! You just have to focus on your business and Sucuri will handle that.

Nothing puts you at ease more than knowing that there is a team dedicated to your website security. Here is how they do it.

WAF Protection: Protect your website from hackers. Sucuri use their own WAF protection to make sure that any malicious traffic cannot harm your website.

Website Monitoring: Your website will be constantly monitored and you can receive security reports on a regular basis to check if anything is unusual. If anything is, Sucuri will quickly notice and the situation will be quickly resolve.

Incident Response: Remove unlimited malware from your website. This is a malicious code that can be used to hack your website

Anti-Spam: Akismet

Have you ever received that comment about someone selling Viagra and other products that you completely never searched for? That is spam!

It is very annoying to receive Spam and even time wasting to delete all of it. You do not have to do that anymore.

To make the best WordPress website you cannot be focusing on such issues, so why not let a plugin handle it?

Akismet filters out all the spam so that you can focus on your business. The free version has the same spam filtering as the paid version.

The only difference is that you need to have a non-commercial website in order to use the free version. You will need a commercial license if you wish to use Akismet.

Akismet has been operating since 2005 and they have 5 million active installs on WordPress. You only need an API key to activate Akismet.

It will easily integrate with Contact form 7 and Jettpacket making it more efficient at filtering Spam. If you have a multi-site installation you will need the highest plan.

This plugin was made by the developers of WordPress itself, so you do not have to worry about any compatibility issues and support.

SEO: Rankmath

The best WordPress website should be getting a lot of visitors.

The more budget-friendly and more longterm way is to use Search Engine Optimization. The best way to do this is through the content market strategy.

You will need to write high converting blog post optimized for Seo. You need Rankmath if you want to do that efficiently.

It is completely free and better than all the other paid plugins. Here is what Rankmath does:

Header Optimization: Visitors need to see your website on google to click on it. The header will determine if they are interested or not. With rank math, you can easily make the best header for your content.

Amp: Rankmath works with amp websites. You do not have to worry about any comparability issues if you are using accelerated mobile pages. We recommend you do use to make the best WordPress website if you want even more speed.

Search Console: Rankmath connects with your google search console so that you can easily Judge your performance.

Overall SEO: Rankmath guides you to write a post that is not only optimized for search engines but also natural to your visitors. It has a checklist of certain things your content should have. If you follow that checklist, regarding Seo, you can easily make the best WordPress website.

Builder Addons: Divi Supreme

Design! The best WordPress website has to look like the best WordPress website! Divi has a lot of features to help you achieve your goals but a little extra wouldn’t hurt.

Divi supreme provides more than a little extra. The addons are not only for design, they can also boot your website conversion rates.

The plugin has a free version that many use but we recommend the paid version. The free version covers simple things from multi-colored headers to create a custom contact form 7 form.

Here is why you should use Divi supreme:

Divi Quality Standards: This plugin has passed all the quality checks in order to have been featured alongside the Divi theme.

Premium Features: You will get features that you cannot find in the regular version of Divi.

Premium Support: You can contact the team whenever you have any issue and they will reply as fast as possible.

Clear Documentation: You will receive a guide on ho you cause the plugin efficiently to make the best WordPress website.

Regular Updates: This plugin is constantly being updated to match with modern day technology.

Analytics: Monster Insights

Have you ever wondered how many visitors come to see your website? What posts do they like most? What are they clicking on and how long do they stay on your site?

Without all this information it would be hard yo make the best WordPress website. When it comes to analytics you have 2 options if you want to make the best WordPress website.

The best analytics come from Facebook and Google. The good thing is you can use them both. To connect the Google Analytics to your WordPress website you will need monster insights.

For the Facebook pixel, you will need another plugin. Monster insights will help you determine if you are making any progress or not.

If you are, it will show you the amount of traffic you are getting with detailed insights into the demographics of your visitors. This includes gender, age, and country.

The free version is very limited but will do for most. You can view all of what the premium version offers in your Google account analytics.

However to make the best WordPress website you will need the paid version to view the analytics inside your WordPress dashboard.

Email Optin: Optin Monster

Now that you have a lot of visitors, what now?

You need to collect emails before you start asking for money. It is always better to create a relationship before asking for anything from anyone.

Optin monster allows you to collect emails with ease. You need to have an email provider like convert it before you start using an opt-in plugin.

Optin monster allows you to create inline opt-in forms, exit-intent forms, and more. Most of your visitors never return to your website.

Therefore to make the best WordPress website, you need a lot of subscribers to keep that revenue flowing in, you can do that through collecting emails and marketing later.

The inline option forms can be usee to offer a visitor an ebook in exchange for their email addresses.

The exit-intent is meant to collect emails from those visitors who want to leave. All these are very important and will play a big part in making the best WordPress website.

Customer Support: Livechat

Take your customer support to the next level! Especially if you want to make an eCommerce store, every conversation will count.

The best part about this plugin that will allow you to collect emails before the visitor can discuss any issue with you.

This is effective when collecting leads because it means you have a list of highly interested people.

Email support and phone support are a bit outdated these days, most of your competitors are using a Livechat on their website so why not join and beat them with better support?

This Integrates easily with a lot of websites and the support from the sellers is superb!

The best thing about it is that it’s not only for your website, but it also supports Facebook Messenger, email, Apple business chat, SMS, WhatsApp, apps, websites, and Direct chat.

Extra to make the best WordPress website?

Here are a couple more things you can do on your side to make the best WordPress website.

Consistent Color Scheme: You need to use a consistent color scheme to get better branding on your websites. This will make your brand easily recognizable on social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram.

Frequent Updates: You should always change your design more than once in a while. Your returning visitors want to see something unique from your website.

Build from Others: Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Base your website design from other successful websites in your niche. You should aim to build from where hey left off so that your website is not only unique but also better.

Team Work: After you get some revenue flowing in, you might need some extra hands. Doing it all on your own is not always the best idea for your business. Teams are always better than individuals and you should be focusing on building it.

Do you think this is the right way to make the best WordPress website? If not write in the comments below what you think should be replaced and the service or plugin that should replace it. We hope you will follow this guide to make the best website.


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