Adiquer Affiliate Disclosure

Adiquer was built to guide beginner entrepreneurs on how they can use free WordPress to their advantage. Most, if not all of our content, is free. So you might be wondering exactly how is it possible to provide free content? Followed up but how do we make the money to support the website?

We are now going to cover how Adiquer is funded and how you can take part and help at no extra cost.

Why make Adiquer free?

When entrepreneurs or small businesses are just starting out, they don’t have enough money or enough knowledge. We solve both these problems!

We create detailed content to help you compete with big companies and this solves the problem of not knowing enough to take a stand against them. The content is free so that you can allocate your budget to other expenses.

In short, we give you the resources and the plan, all you have to do is execute!

How does Adiquer make money?

If we did not make any money, then we would have to shut down. A lot of small businesses would suffer because of this. To keep this from happening we had to take bold actions to make sure that we support our audience at all times.

We join affiliate programs of the products that we have used, analysed and liked. We do this so that you won’t have to make any mistakes such as choosing the wrong product for your business.

We are disclosing this because we believe that transparency is the only way to building a true successful community.

Will it cost you more money?

Not at all! If you purchase though our links you will get the exact same prices as everyone else. In some cases, you will actually get a discount because of that.

You would have helped us and yourself because then we will keep making quality content to help you crash those big companies!

Are your personal details private?

Yes, your personal details are 100% safe and private.

If you use our links, your name, address, credit card, etc are completely private.

We cannot see those details and we will never have access to them.

All we will see is that one of our community members has bought through our link to help us make more content.

How can you help us?

We have a lo of team members writing content for you.

This includes writers, editors, programmers and more.

At the end of the day they also need funding to support their lives.

This is what you can help us at no extra cost

  • Use our affiliate links to buy your products
  • Share our content social media platform and email
  • Review the product after purchase in the comment section
  • Give us feedback on how we can make your business better

Why should you help Adiquer?

We have big plans for you!

We want to make this the best free membership website on the internet.

This will benefit you the most because we will employ more people, write more content, create more courses and offer more free resources!

If you use our referral links, you will be doing big things for yourself.

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